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2017 Quarterly Newsletter 1
Planning for an exciting Emmaus future

The Port Elizabeth Emmaus Community will celebrate its 20th birthday in 2019 and host the annual general meeting of the country's 12 Emmaus Ministry communities then too.
But if you think this is far into the future, please know that the 2017 PE Emmaus Board strategic planning session looked five years ahead in imagining the kind of community we would like to be by 2022.
The answer?
A vibrant, financially-viable Christian Community offering regular fellowship and other opportunities before and after full Flights and Walks in growing God’s kingdom
Journey ahead
To achieve this dream requires prayer, commitment and support. And so the journey begins. We are introducing a series of initiatives towards this end, such as fellowship events, a business data base and pledge appeals.

Apart from the Music Trivia at GAP on 11 March and camping weekend / bring ‘n braai day out (24 – 26 March) at Sitrusoewever near Kirkwood (click web link https://www.pe-emmaus.co.za/events.php   for all details to join the fun as we’d like you to join the 70 who are already committed), two other key events are planned:

  • An Emmaus Reunion Tea on 27 May at St John’s Anglican Church, Walmer, and
  • A Music Trivia evening at Walmer Methodist Church, Walmer, on 10 June. 
Please save these dates now. More details will follow.

Calls for team members and caterpillars are now open. Our Outreach portfolio holder Jacquie Pullen (outreach@pe-emmaus.co.za) and Community Spiritual Director Rev Andrea Potgieter (csd@pe-emmaus.co.za) would welcome any opportunities to engage with youth leaders, school Jot teachers, parents and young people directly about the benefits of this special programme for young people, aged 17 to 24. 

Girls’ Flight 9: 7 – 9 July at Cape Recife School, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth
Lay Director: Twinkels Davies
Boys’ Flight 10: 14 – 16 July at Cape Recife School, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth
Lay Director: Lucian Jantjies

Numbers are limited and the cut-off date for enrolments is 25 May 2017
  • R620 for caterpillars
  • R720 for team members              
Responsible sponsorship is critical in growing God’s kingdom.

Please go to the website https://www.pe-emmaus.co.za/downloads.php to download the appropriate forms.

For further assistance, contact registrar@pe-emmaus.co.za

Emmaus Walks
Similarly, if you would like to work on the Emmaus Walk in September (Men’s Walk 69: 7 - 10 September; Women’s Walk 70: 14 – 17 September), please download the forms or contact registrar@pe-emmaus.co.za
We are improving our website and Facebook pages to give you a convenient, up-to-date reference for all Emmaus and Chrysalis related news. We’d appreciate any feedback on how we can improve the platforms and communication generally to you (cld@pe-emmaus.co.za)
Business Data Base
Another initiative in supporting and growing the PE Emmaus Community is to have and share a database of Emmaus members who have their own businesses. This will enable Community members to access information for a particular service from other Community members.  
Should you wish to be part of the database, please provide the following information to: Charmaine Potgieter via email registrar@pe-emmaus.co.za or WhatsApp 084 929 2884.

Full name:
Business name:
Line of business: eg. plumbing, electrician, architect, safety and security, carpet cleaning, engineering etc.
Business number:
Cell no:

Financial sustainability  
As part of the drive towards our five-year dream, we need to become financially sustainable. The fees charged for the Walks and Flights do not meet all the costs involved and so fundraising is imperative. However, we are hopeful that with the support of the Emmaus Community we can increase the monthly pledges substantially.

A quick calculation shows that if every PE Emmaus Community member were to pledge R20 a month for the next three years, we’d have R660 000 in the bank by 2020. Please prayerfully consider this appeal. Our banking details are included below:

Standard Bank 383 707 145
Walmer Park 29681
PE Emmaus Community
How you can serve the Emmaus Community

By offering a monthly or once-off pledge, you are serving the Emmaus Community in growing God’s kingdom, but there are other ways to help too. You can:
  • Serve on Walks and Flights (contact Charmaine Potgieter on registrar@pe-emmaus.co.za or call 0849292884
  • Responsibly sponsor pilgrims and/or caterpillars (again contact Charmaine – see above) or
  • Volunteer to serve on the PE Emmaus Community Board. Board members may not work on Walks or Flights during their three-year stint. However, being part of a portfolio sub-committee does not preclude you from working on Walks or Flights. To volunteer, please contact me on cld@pe-emmaus.co.za or call 0833549793
EMSA AGM 2019    
As shared, our Community will be hosting the national meeting of all Emmaus communities in November 2019. Planning and hosting this event gives you a further opportunity to serve the Lord. Stella Swanson is co-ordinating this exciting proposition and is looking for a team of volunteers to plan the logistic around venues, food, transport, administration, advertising, fundraising, agape and entertainment. To volunteer contact Stella on desiderata@wol.co.za or call 0832279479.

As we remember our own Walks and Flights and the impact it had on our lives and the lives of others in empowering us as God’s people in our Fourth Days, I hope you will be part of this journey towards a more vibrant, financially-viable Christian Community offering regular fellowship and other opportunities before and after full Flights and Walks in growing God’s kingdom.
Fly With Christ
De Colores

Debbie Derry
Community Lay Director

Date Added: 2017-02-19

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