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A word from our new Community Spiritual Director

February 2008
Terry Beadon

Dearest EMMAUS family,

Grace and peace in the Lord Jesus Christ to you and your loved ones this New Year 2008AD.

How wonderful to set out into the unknown year with Him who is the Lord of time and history, who holds all things in His faithful hands!

How wonderful that all our hopes and resolutions rest in Him, the supreme Lord of the Universe who calls us His friends and family !   Perhaps you have made some resolutions under His guidance ? (and have even managed to keep them....).

One of mine, carried over for several years now, is "help the flocks under your care to become more like EMMAUS. Help to make the Church more like EMMAUS."

Because there is something quite unique about EMMAUS. Perhaps it lies in us putting aside the things that we so easily disagree over, to focus on Jesus, who makes the mountainous barriers the world puts between us vanish into nothing. Perhaps it lies in us laying down our lives to be servants, utterly focused on the Living God and His love, and giving ourselves  without restraint or conditions so that others might experience Him....even if its only for a brief season.

Perhaps it lies in the flood of prayer over the activities of EMMAUS...prayers from many frail but selfless souls, whose faith-words are re-shaped by the Holy Spirit and brought into the Throne-room of Heaven (where awesome Love and Wisdom turn them into eternal Words of creative power).   Perhaps it is simply because we are completely focused on things outside of ourselves, and as a result experience true freedom. Perhaps it is all of these things.

But in them, each one of them, lie our keys to a blessed and joyful New Year.  Learning to focus on Jesus, the utterly faithful One, even in the greatest turmoil.  Learning to be a servant of God and others, mindful that the greatest measure of worth in heaven is to be called "humble servant".

Learning to exercise the gift of being heard by the Creator and Sustainer of the universe anywhere, anytime.  Learning to live beyond myself, as a conduit of grace between God the Blesser and the world around me so in need of His blessings.  Each of these things and all of these things.
May it be to you and your beloveds this New Year.  His year. Within and outside EMMAUS.

With much love in Christ Jesus.  
Terry Beadon

Date Added: 2008-02-23
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