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Community Lay Director: Lianne Kritzinger
Community Spiritual Director: Revd Ronnie Allwright

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May Newsflash
of AGM and birthday celebrations, Gathering, September Emmaus walks and Pledges

PE Emmaus Newsflash

Dear Emmaus Community


It is with much sadness that we cancelled our Chrysalis Flights #11 and #12. Although we had full teams ready to start training we did not have enough caterpillars, boys or girls... and without caterpillars the flights cannot go ahead.

On that note, Emmaus is almost upon us with the cut-off date for pilgrims 31 July and we would not like a repeat of what happened with Chrysalis.

     Click on the link above, fill in your form and send... then get ready for many blessings.    


In Acts 3: 1-11 Peter and John heal a crippled beggar instead of giving him money. Jesus calls us to help those who are worse off than us. Would you be prepared to buy one hamburger for one person once a month?
As the cost of daily living escalates so the walks get more expensive. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to offer the walks at a discounted fee? If everyone in the community would be prepared to pledge R50 per month to Emmaus, we would be able to drop our fees, so many more people would then enjoy the opportunity of having their lives radically changed. They would then be able to go out and change the lives of others in a meaningful way.

Is this not what we are asked to do? Make a meaningful change in the lives of the people around us?
Instructions on how to Pledge

Please contact our treasurer Patricia Scott (083 227 4499) if you have any other queries.

As you probably know by now, the PE Emmaus Community is celebrating their 20th birthday in November this year. Please join us for the birthday tea on the Saturday afternoon (more details to follow soon). We, the board, can feel the excitement rising.
We will also be hosting the EMSA (Emmaus Ministries South Africa) AGM. This not only gives us the opportunity to write the Emmaus Exam, but also to attend some of the interesting discussions of what Emmaus is about.

Are you interested?

Is your reunion group hosting a gathering?

Can you use it as a fund raising activity?

For any more information or interest in the celebration weekend please contact
Stella Swanson (083 227 9479)


It may have been a while since you connected with the Emmaus family, come along to one of our gatherings, bring along your accountibility groups, let's keep that flame burning.

Emmaus Gathering - Friday 31st May

Any enquiries please contact Karen du Preez (079 563 1369)

Music Trivia - 13 July
Any enquiries please contact Debbie Derry (083 354 9793) or  Stella Ashworth (072 680 5492)

and Fly With Christ

Lianne Kritzinger
Community Lay Director


Date Added: 2019-05-21
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