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Chrysalis - a unique ministry

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The Port Elizabeth Emmaus Board has granted permission to host an exciting new adventure called Chrysalis in our area.

The Chrysalis movement believes that the high school and college/varsity years are the most critical time in a person’s spiritual formation.  During this time young people make many major decisions about religion, lifestyle, vocation and lifelong partnerships.  During these years they also face the greatest temptation to forget about God and to abandon the church altogether.  

Chrysalis exists to help young people meet this challenge.  Chrysalis provides spiritual support for youth and young adults during these years of such dynamic growth.  Chrysalis challenges them to grow not only in mind and body but also in spirit and truth.
We have the full support of Africa South and are now awaiting the approval of “Upper Room” USA.  

We are hoping to have Chrysalis “flights” this year, but will let you know as soon as we have the “go-ahead” from the Upper Room.  
We ask for the support and prayers from our Emmaus Community and are looking forward to get the first “flights” going.  

Watch this “landing” space for further details.

With much love and Dè Colores

Alwylene Allwright
For The Chrysalis Steering Committee

(Date Added: 2008-02-23)

A word from our new Community Spiritual Director

Dearest EMMAUS family, Grace and peace in the Lord Jesus Christ to you and your loved ones this New Year 2008AD. How wonderful to set out into the unknown year with Him who is the Lord of time and history, who holds all things in His faithful hands!

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(Date Added: 2008-02-23)

A word from our new Community Lay Director

January 2008 has come and gone and it seems as if life is moving faster every year. It is a privilege and honour to be contributing to the newsletter as CLD for the first time.

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(Date Added: 2008-02-09)

Newsletter - February 2008

What a privilege and pleasure for the Board members to welcome one and all into a brand new year in fellowship with Jesus and with each other. A brand new year in which to see Godís Hand at work, to see stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks and to be Blessed to be a Blessing.

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