Port Elizabeth Emmaus Community Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Community Lay Director: Russell Richards
Community Spiritual Director: Revd Shirmell Newman

Accountability / Reunion Groups

Following the three-day experience, participants are encouraged to join small accountability groups to support each other in their ongoing walk with Christ. We want all pilgrims to be connected beyond their weekend as part of their Fourth Days - so that they have a support group that can study and grow together.

Small groups – that meet weekly or monthly according to each group’s needs – meet in one another’s homes or at a church. They can be mixed in sex, age and denomination.

The purpose of the group is to share faith and to grow as disciples. The group keeps the Emmaus flame alive through its sharing, sponsorship of pilgrims, its support for fundraising and fellowship events and the making of agape.

The Accountability groups like small house groups play a key role in growing the church.

Area: Nelson Mandela Metropole
Contact: Geraldine Coleske
  Tel: 041 374 1637    Cell: 084 491 0584    Email: geraldinecoleske@gmail.com
When: 4th Saturday of every month @ 2pm
Where: 104 Park Sheraton, Cape Road, Central

Chokka Chicks
Area: St Francis Bay
Contact: Mary Yoell
  Tel: 042 294 0652    Cell: 082 922 5530    Email: yoellies@iafrica.com
When: Once a quarter
Where: St Francis Bay

Gum Gals
Area: Nelson Mandela Metropole
Contact: Vanessa Scarr
  Tel: 041 368 1344    Cell: 072 219 5095    Email: vanessascarr@live.co.za
When: Once a month on a Saturday from 14h30-16h30
Where: Lorraine/Greenshields Park/Broadwood

PE Butterflies
Area: Mill Park
Contact: Jacquie Pullen
  Tel: 041 581 1728    Cell: 082 693 4210    Email: pullenjacquie@gmail.com
When: Second Monday of each month @ 10am
Where: Walmer Methodist, 83 Main Road, Walmer

Rhema Group
Area: Nelson Mandela Metropole
Contact: Barry Kay
  Tel: 041 360 6647    Cell: 072 841 7168    Email: fluffyfrog@live.co.za
When: Meet every Wednesday at 7pm
Where: 5 Groningen Street, Kabega Park

Your walk does not need to stop here! Keep your heart burning within, keep in touch with your new friends (and make a few more!) and keep the spirit of Emmaus alive by joining an accountability group as soon as you can. Remember these groups are not to replace your church cell and bible study groups. Find the group closest to you from the list above.

Do you want to start a group in your area? Any queries regarding accountability/reunion groups can be directed to Allen Kröger: email 4th.days@portelizabeth.emsa.org.za

Please include the following info in the email:
1. Name of Group:
2. Leader's name:
3. Contact number:
4. Possible venue:
5. Preferred day & time: