Port Elizabeth Emmaus Community Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Community Lay Director: Kerryn Barton
Community Spiritual Director: Revd Shirmell Newman

Sponsor a Pilgrim or Caterpillar

You can share God’s love with someone you know by sponsoring him or her to attend the Emmaus Walk. The responsibilities of being a sponsor are many and critical in ensuring the effectiveness of the individual’s experience.

A sponsor’s first responsibility is to pray for discernment as to who you need to approach. Pray when you discuss the Walk with your potential pilgrim. Pray for God to guide you in the discussion and for openness of the pilgrim’s heart. If the pilgrim is married it is better to discuss the Walk with the couple. The design of Emmaus is to affirm the sanctity of marriage and commitment of spouses to each other.

Tell the prospective about the Walk – what it aims to achieve; what they can expect to happen in terms of 15 talks, communion daily, praise and worship, table discussion, lots of laughter, times of deep reverence, laughter, fun, good food and 72 hours to focus on building your relationship with the Lord.

Give your potential pilgrim the form and explain your role as the spiritual sponsor. Payment for Walk is by the pilgrim, though the sponsor may offer to assist financially.


Step by step to sponsorship

Step 1: Opening invitation

  1. Pray
  2. Arrange to meet to discuss:
    • Format of the weekend
    • Ecumenical, open environment
    • Prayerful focus on Gd; no electronics, no distractions
    • Financial
    • Follow-up and Fourth Day
    • Answer all questions/no secrets
    • Extend an invitation / seek a commitment
    • Complete registration form, obtain payment and forward to the registrar  

Step 2: Prepare for the weekend

  1. Provide additional information
    1. Confirm transportation to and from opening and closing
    2. What to bring and what not to bring, accommodation and comfortable clothes
    3. No electronics
  2. Contact family, friends, church cell group members to obtain Agape letters (no more than 12. However, if more are collected they will be given to the pilgrim after the walk). (Letter template).
  3. Arrange to help pilgrim’s family as needed (eg child care, pets, transport, meals)

Step 3: Participate during weekend

  1. Deliver your pilgrim on time to opening (by 5pm on Thursday)
    • Allow time to check in and obtain name badge
    • Place bags in room and settle in
    • Be at Sumcay by 6pm
  2. Attend Bring ‘n share supper at 6.30pm in the dining hall and connect with members of the community
  3. Attend candlelight at 7.30pm
  4. Be on time for closing at Sumcay at 2.30pm