Port Elizabeth Emmaus Community Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Community Lay Director: Kerryn Barton
Community Spiritual Director: Revd Shirmell Newman

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06. Sponsor's Checklist

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08. Reunion / Accountability Groups

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09. My Emmaus Pledge

The Lord continues to use the Emmaus Walk as a powerful and effective tool for building up the people of God to serve Him in many different ways. And we trust that you have been wonderfully blessed as you have attended a Walk as a pilgrim or worked as a team member.

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11. Welcome to the Family

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12. Fourth Day Booklet

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13. Fourth Day Bible Studies

This 30 day bible study course has been compiled to fulfill two purposes: To assist those pilgrims who have not as yet developed aregular programme of bible study and, To remind all pilgrims of the talks given during the Walk and reinforce the key points. We pray that it will be a source of .... more info

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14. Suggested Reading List

We recommend the following books to nurture your fourth day journey. The books are divided into subject based on the talks given at an Emmaus weekend.

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21. What is Chrysalis?

Chrysalis / Journey is the youth version of the Walk to Emmaus, aimed at young people from Grade 11 through to about age 24 ...

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22. Chrysalis: 12 steps to sponsorship

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