Port Elizabeth Emmaus Community Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Community Lay Director: Kerryn Barton
Community Spiritual Director: Revd Shirmell Newman

Board of Directors

Meet your 2022 Board ....

Designation Name
Community Lay Director (email) / Newsletter Kerryn Barton
CLD Elect T.B.A.
Community Spiritual Director (email) Shirmell Newman
Secretary (email) Jacqui Brill
Registrar (email) Judi Slade (temp)
Treasurer (email) Lynn Forman
Fourth Days/Gatherings/Reunion Groups (email) Allen Kröger
Agape (email) Vacant
Face to Face  
Music & Entertainment (email) Vacant
Fundraising/Outreach Jacqui Brill
Supplies & Logistics (email) Michael Newcombe
Team Selection (email) Kenneth du Preez
Trainer (email) Adlai Davids
Website & I.T. (email) Vanessa Scarr
Prayer (email) Brian du Toit